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Charles Darwin wrote:

"It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

What we're witnessing in today's economy isn't a recession or a depression.  It's a disruption, and it's just getting started.  If you hope to thrive, you must be able to adapt. You're going to need effective communication skills for dealing with the challenges of change.  

Do you know what your next step is? Are you ready to take it? Next steps lead to progress, and skills give you leverage to turn conflict into cooperation, get a promotion, build an important connection, gain a following, manage or lead a team.   At work and at home, in times of challenge and change, the best change you can make is to improve your ability to interact with others successfully.  

Communication Tune Ups are one hour telephone training sessions designed to give you actionable skills. Consider this your invitation to join Rick as he takes your greatest challenges in persuasive communication, from dealing with a difficult person to getting your team on the same page, and helps you upgrade your ability to deal with them. You'll gain valuable how-to strategies in every session you attend. And when all is said and done, you'll get positive results from a broader range of people. 

In each Communication Tune Up Teleseminar:

  • ✓You get Dr. K's 3 decades of experience in a fun and practical hour program
  • ✓You get an activity guide 
  • ✓You get a private email address to email your questions in advance
  • ✓You get an audio recording of the session.  Listen again at your leisure.
  • ✓You get the 'Insider's Guide To The Art Of Persuasion' ebook ($19 value)
  • ✓You get all this for only $39.
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Communication Tuneup
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