Dr. Rick Kirschner Presents
Endorsements and Testimonials
“Every so often, we are privileged to have the benefit of an outstanding presenter. Your presentation on communication was simply outstanding and very much appreciated. A job well done!" -Steve Watson, Mendakota Country Club
"In a field full of passionate people, this guy not only rises above the rest but does it with a bottomless depth of content and expertise. I watched him move an audience of over a thousand cynical healthcare executives to two standing ovations - before he even finished. Unfortunately, I had to follow him." - Bob Treadway, Treadway & Associates Inc.
“Thanks for such an inspiring morning. I would highly recommend to anyone that they invite you to speak to their organization. Everyone needs to hear what you have to say!” — Connie Connor, Association of Legal Administrators
“Dr. Rick is a multi-talented professional who understands communication at a level beyond the ordinary. His engaging professional presentation abilities are surpassed only by his compassion and understanding of the human condition.” — Susan Kavanaugh, Dir. of Advancement, SCNM
"What an excellent, exhilarating presentation you gave!" - Al Charette, Snap-On Tools
"You were fabulous! You managed to keep an audience of 65 physicians in the palm of your hand for one full hour after a meal and cocktails!" -Rebecca Cozart, Marion Polk County Medical Society
"Rick is a master facilitator of adult learning. His creative and highly original use of humor, stories and metaphors drive home his learning objectives." - Danny Lewis
"Within a couple of minutes, you somehow turned a very solemn audience to laughter at the difficult people they deal with daily, shifting them again by the end of the session to deep reflection on effecting meaningful change with their lives. Again, thank you for ending our conference on just the right note. As always, it was a treat to work with you.” — L. Brackett, Self Storage Association
"Thank you again for your absolutely outstanding presentation...extremely insightful...you are without a doubt the best speaker I have ever seen or heard." - Kristine Olsen, U.S. Attorney, U.S. Dept. of Justice
"Everyone I spoke to came away from your program with renewed energy and a clearer sense of purpose and commitment. You clearly made a difference in our lives.” — Rich Turnbull, Oregon State University
“Your name was mentioned time and again as the ‘highlight’ of this year’s conference. The enthusiasm, humor and your overall approach made the all too short two hour presentation very memorable.” — Andrew Parr and Judy Vaz, CCUFSA Conference Committee
"Your ability to connect and move with your audience helped to make it enjoyable and entertaining, as well as enlightening. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to embrace and understand the importance of change! — Gregory Mascari, Founding Partner, Oasis
"I could not be more pleased with your presentation and how you handled our group of 120 executives." — Tim Welker, Goodwill Industries
"Thank you so much for your words of wisdom and for the amazing classroom experience. You are THE most dynamic speaker I have ever seen, and your presentations and exercises moved me to tears on more than one occasion. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom with us!" — Michelle Haff, SCNM Student
"Without exception, everyone came up to me afterwards and said it was wonderful. I think you really impressed our President and Chairman. Both said that they had seen motivational speakers before, but by far you were the best." — James Hvidt, Tut Systems
"Your energy and sense of humor makes these classes come alive." — Laurel Aust, Hewlett Packard
"For the third year, the feedback forms say "Bring Rick back!" Your versatility continues to impress me and,as usual, your humor, warmth, and sensitivity to the group wins hearts and respect." — Marla Rosner, Supercuts
"I can't remember the last time our delegates were so attentive in the closing session. Your topic really hit home with our entire audience." — Kenneth L. Robinson, President, Nat Assoc of Fed Credit Unions
"Dr. Rick,I don't normally write speakers but I had to write and say thanks. I heard you speak in the Baltimore, Maryland area to the Army National Guard Family Support Groups. I took notes on the outline you had provided ... It is like a lifesaver for me. I can't thank you enough." — Laurie Goetchius
“His keynote was so successful and well received that the following breakout session was standing room only and could barely contain the overflow crowd.” — Jill McClelland, ORPA
"The presentation by Dr. Rick was exceptional and exhilarating, to say the least." — Marilyn Douglas, RN, St. Joseph Healthcare
"Very helpful session. Great message. Superior leader, mentor and coach, brilliant workshop!"
-Attendee, CMAA 2012 Conference
"Best educational program in the conference! Great presenter, good diction, clear voice, informative!"
-Attendee, CMAA 2012 Conference
“Dr. Kirschner has an uncanny ability for writing, speaking and bringing people together by breaking down communication roadblocks.” —Keith Chambers, Chief Medical Officer, Focus for Life Medical Center and Spa