Message from Aden Nepom, our resident expert in communication, improvisation and interactivity, on how she works to deliver top notch training:

“I combine the powerful, impactful and insightful communication techniques from best-selling author, Dr. Richard Kirschner, with the fun, playful and memorable training methods of the world of improvised theatre and comedy. Participants in my trainings will be on their feet playing games and doing activities designed to run them through the paces of not only learning new skills but integrating them! They will also have the opportunity, through facilitated learning, to apply these new skills to the work they do in the office, with clients and even in their communication with people they care about at home! “

Expand your reach and vision beyond the boundaries of your own efforts! Achieve your objectives with the assistance of others! Develop your skill, confidence and determination, as you explore the amazing designs and practical patterns found in the art of persuasion!
Here is a sample outline.

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Useful Definitions and Assumptions, Issues
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Acceptance Zone, Find the MAP, 9 Information Gates and How To Get Through Them
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5 Stages of Change, 4 Outcomes, 7 Signals
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Establish or regain credibility and authority
Successfully get your ideas across, bring about change
Control the influence others have over you

Fresh perspective.
Powerful tools.
The Art of Change
Skills for Life™