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"Whatever the subject, Dr. Rick Kirschner's engaging wit and wisdom makes him the perfect interview. He's not only mastered the Art of Change, he's mastered the art of content, creativity and communication. Articulate and fun, his common-sense approach, from conflict-resolution to life in general, delivers practical, easy-to-follow advice for readers. Change is inevitable—and so are great quotes when it comes to Dr. K."

Joanne Richard, Toronto Sun

"Rick, Thank you so much for giving your time & insight to our listeners. It was a great and informative interview."

Glen Kinser, Career Solutions

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This mediagenic author gives a great interview! Articulate and responsive, Dr. Rick Kirschner blends his people-friendly humor with practical skills and useful information, to give an interview your audience will love! He has delighted audiences and reporters while delivering his expertise on dealing with change, difficult relationships,
and life's challenges in thousands of radio and television appearances, newspaper and magazine articles, from NBC to CNBC to CBC to FOX.  He is a sought after resource by such publications as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Executive Excellence, Honey Magazine, Selling Power and Readers Digest.

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He is an author and coauthor of numerous books, audio and video programs, including the audio/video all-time bestseller, 'How To Deal With Difficult People,'  the McGraw Hill International Bestseller, 'Dealing With People You Can't Stand,' the entertaining ebook sequel 'Dealing With Relatives,' the book 'Life By Design,' the book, 'Love Thy Customer,' his previous work, 'Insider's Guide To The Art of Persuasion,' and his new Hyperion Book, 'How To Click With People: The Secret To Better Relationships In Business And In Life'   

Reporters, writers and producers are invited to contact us by phone and email.  Press kits and preview DVDs, along with copies of Rick's books, articles, audio and video programs, are available on request.

A Partial List of Media Appearances

Dr. Kirschner has provided expert content on the skills for life in segments that focused on Dealing with People You Can’t Stand, Dealing with Relatives, and Designing Your Life.

Here’s a partial list of appearances, interviews, and article contributions:
CNBC Moneytalk
NPR Marketplace Radio
American Airlines Business Channel
Good Morning NY
Something You Should Know, Strand Broadcasting
Associated Press Interview appeared in 120 newspapers
Entrepreneur Magazine interview
America West interview
MGannett News Service interview
Honey Magazine
American Legion Magazine
Readers Digest
Wall Street Journal/Front page, Business section
Miami Herald/Knight-Ridder interview
The Denver Post
Ashland Daily Tidings (local paper)
Medford Tribune
Houston Chronicle
Minneapolis Star Tribune
San Diego Union Tribune
Seattle Times
National Enquirer
People Magazine guest expert
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Reuters interview - syndicated to 72 major daily newspapers
USA Today/Business column
Saginaw News
The Morning Report/KXAS-TV Dallas
Dallas Morning News interview
Good Morning Dallas
The How To Guide to Life Television Pilot NBC
WGN Chicago
Chicagoland TV
Steve Cochran/WPNT Radio Chicago
WLS, Chicago
CKNW Canada
CBC Canada
AM Northwest/KATU-TV Portland
Mornings on 2/KTVU-TV San Francisco
KIRO News at Noon/KIRO-TV Seattle
World Tonight/CKNW-Radio Vancouver
Good Morning Cleveland
CNBC television
KGW TV Portland
CBS Radio Detroit
CFOS Canada
WDRE New York - WLTP West Virginia
WGY Albany - WHYT Detroit
WYCT Baton Rouge - KLPW Misourri
KOA Denver - KLOU St. Louis
WRCX Chicago - WBEC Pittsfield
KS95 Minneapolis
WJOL Joliet - WWJ Detroit
WHCN Hartford - CIGL Ontario
KSFM Sacramento
WKDR Radio - WWSW Pittsburgh
KFXD Idaho - KUIK Portland
Love Life Radio Hawaii
1420 Talk Radio, Ontario Canada
KZRR, Albuquerque
KTOK, Okalahoma City
WCTH, Islamorada Florida
WDWS, Champaign Illinois
WVAS, Toledo - WBSM Providence
CJAD, Montreal - KPSA Almagordo
WTWR Michigan - WLAD Danbury
WHPC New York - WGLO Roanoke
WKZL North Carolina
WZLX Boston - WBAA Purdue
KNOR Oklahoma City
USA Radio - WMC-AM Memphis
WRVA Richmond

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