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This presentation is a thoroughly enjoyable tour through the art and science of why and how we resonate with each other. It is fun, fast paced, and fundamentally important for anyone interested in winning hearts, hands and minds for a positive purpose.
How To Click With People

In this age of cascading connectivity, learning how to click with people can increase the scope, quality and positive results you already produce.

Fact is, we need each other to get things done and get ahead. All business is people business, and knowing how to connect, relate and communicate successfully is one of the defining differences between a good leader and a great one, between an adequate team and a stellar one, between someone who makes things happen and someone who watches things happen. Learn about resonance and how to use it to get a click, how to use persuasion to get an idea to click, and how to get groups to click with each other.

Here’s Dr. K talking about How To Click With People in front of an audience at Humber College.


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Dr. Kirschner developed an original model of motivation that makes useful sense of this key aspect of human behavior.

Influence and The Art of Persuasion

Motivation is the key to getting anything done in business: Employees need motivation to work;  Developers need motivation to create new products; Consumers need motivation to buy; Managers need motivation to change policies and procedures.

According to Kirschner's Motivational Model, there are six motivational sets driving human behavior, each with a TOWARDS and an AWAY side. These sets play the essential role in the choices people make, and they give us amazing leverage for changing minds, changing behavior and changing results.

There is so much more to the persuasion program than the motivational model, too. Attendees learn the 5 stages of change, the 7 persuasion signals, the four outcomes, the three receiving zones, two ways people listen and the one thing you need more than all of this to be successful in using your influence through the power of persuasion.

Budget Option, or for Younger Groups:

An improvisational licensed version of this workshop, delivered by improv powerhouse Merlin Works of Austin, is now available from the Art Of Change! Click here to learn more, or contact us for more information.

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Bringing Out The Best In People, Even At Their Worst

You deal with people every day. Do they frustrate you? Challenge you? Bring out the best or the worst in you? The special skills you need to bring out the best in anyone are the same skills that can bring out the best in everyone.

How? Communication needs and intents provide the key.

 Dr. Kirschner co-developed a model for understanding human behavior that is used in colleges and universities and on corporate campuses around the world. His book on the subject is now in 23 languages and 2 editions!

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According to this Lens of Understanding, there are four positive intentions that, when thwarted, lead to difficult but predictable behaviors; that when observed and recognized, give you the leverage you need to prevent conflict and turn confrontation into golden opportunity.

And that’s just the beginning. In this dynamic program, other subjects covered may include mental martial arts, an amazing listening strategy that changes everything, and how specifically to deal with the ten most unwanted difficult behaviors. Our program on dealing with difficult behavior is funny (really funny!), and practical! (You won't know how you got by without this information for so long!) Stop crying about bad behavior, have a good laugh and then take the lead. You can bring out the best in people, even at their worst. It’s a matter of understanding where they are coming from, what you want, and how to get where you want to go.

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Mastering The Art Of Change

Dr. Rick Kirschner has accumulated the practical wisdom of over three decades working in personal and organizational development. His leading-edge strategies are used daily by people seeking change for the better in their own lives, teams and organizations.  Now, in a fun, interactive presentation, these insights, empowering ideas, and inspiring words will be yours.  

The presentation includes small group conversations.  it's a thoroughly enjoyable tour through the art and science of how to create positive change in your life, in your work, and in the world.

Four clicks to master the art of change:

  • Mindset - Everything starts here
  • Interpersonal - How to get on the same wavelength fast
  • Influence - Connecting your ideas to their motivation
  • Group - Bringing together and holding together a team
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NOTE: A copy of Dr. Kirschner's book, 'How To Click With People,' (Hyperion Books) can be provided for each member of your audience. Contact us for your bulk discount..

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How To Hack The Mind/Body Connection

Inserting new code into existing code is what hacking is all about. And this presentation focuses on ten specific bits of code in people that are subject to positive change efforts. If you work with people in the hopes of helping them move forward, change habits, and get on purpose with their lives, or if you're working on yourself and want more precision for your effort, this program delivers high quality skills with profound impact.
NOTE: A copy of Dr. Kirschner's audio CD "Living Your Life By Design' can be provided for each member of your audience. Contact us for the bulk discount.

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