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The Art of Change LLC, has partnered with the acclaimed Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation, headquartered in Austin, Texas, to deliver licensed training in The Art Of Change™ using their improvisational format!
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It's fun and fantastically affordable!

But before we tell you about the licensed program and why you really ought to consider bringing improvisational training to your organization this year, we would first like to tell you about two amazing young women, Aden Kirschner and Shana Merlin.
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Aden Kirschner is an award winning performer, skilled improv teacher, facilitator and trainer, and is the Corporate Training and Events Coordinator for the Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation.
Her performance and corporate training clients include Austin Waldorf High School, Hewlett Packard, Safe Place and Dell. As a teacher, Aden seeks to create a fun, safe environment where people can explore and grow new practical skills to help them on stage, in business and in their private life.
Aden has an extensive background in education. She has been teaching and facilitating using improv comedy skills since 1995. In addition to giving performance and communication skills training, she has also taught writing and conversational ESL. In 2000 she was published in the Fort Lewis College Freshman Writing Course book.
Aden joined educational software powerhouse Compass Learning in 2006, where she spent nearly three years crafting topics like algebra and biology into fun, dynamic and engaging learning activities that retained 110% of their curricular importance. She holds a BA in European history from Fort Lewis College, and in 2002 she facilitated the creation of a brand new Leadership program for their students that explored the application of improv performance in professional skills areas like communication, customer service and entrepreneurship.
With nearly thirty years of experience on stage, Aden has been winning awards and recognition as a speaker, singer and performer since she was six years old. She is a fixture in the Austin improv community and is frequently sought out to play in shows with multiple theater companies in town; including world famous vaudeville revue: Esther's Follies where she spent the majority of 2011 wearing huge wigs, singing big songs and getting massive laughs. She can be seen performing most regularly at Austin’s premier theater venue the ZACH, with Merlin Works faculty troupe, the Known Wizards; or with the B. Iden Payne Award winners, in the Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musical Comedy.
Labeled as “The funniest person in Austin,” by improv giant, Tom Booker, Aden joined the Merlin Works faculty in 2009 where her performance classes are in high demand. As the Training and Events Coordinator of Merlin-Works, and the point person on this partnership with The Art Of Change LLC, Aden seeks to improve the way people communicate with each other, one business at a time.


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The Founder of Merlin Works, Shana Merlin, is one of the most experienced and effective improv teachers in the nation.
The former Dean of The Heroes School of Improvisational Theatre, her clients include the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Whole Foods, The University of Texas McCombs School of Business, and Price-Waterhouse Cooper as well as countless adults and children throughout the community.
The Austin Improv Collective awarded her “Best Improv Teacher” and “Best Improv Class.”
In 2008, she opened the Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation now based at ZACH Theatre, offering classes in shortform gameplay and narrative longform improv.
In addition to her teaching and corporate training career, Shana Merlin is a highly acclaimed performer. Since 1996, Shana has been a professional improviser, performing from Calgary to San Francisco to Atlanta to Las Vegas to London. Shana graduated with Highest Honors from the prestigious Plan II Honors Program at UT and went on to write and perform her funny and topical one-woman shows, which were awarded "Best of the Fest" at FronteraFest. Shana is a founding member of Girls Girls Girls Improvised Musicals, winner of Best Improv Troupe in Austin in the Austin Chronicle Reader's Poll and two time winner of "Best of the Week" at FronteraFest, and Get Up, a two person improv troupe with Shannon McCormick.  
Shana has trained with some of the top teachers in the field of improvisation including Keith Johnstone, creator of TheatreSports and author of Impro and Impro for Storytellers; Paul Sills, founder of Second City and The Compass and editor of Improvisation for the Theatre; and Gary Austin, member of The Committee and founder of The Groundlings.
Hailed by her students as "an incredibly great teacher: fun, open, organized, focused, and so very talented," Shana continues to offer improvisation workshops to all ages and skill levels.

Merlin Works

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Merlin Works Institute for Improvisation __in Austin, Texas began as a comedy school, founded by Shana Merlin, specializing in the art of improvisational theater.
"Our job on stage, is just like your job, and a lot is expected of us.  Despite the circumstances, we accomplish everything that is expected of us and more while having fun and moving at an accelerating pace."
- Shana Merlin
Studies are now finding that the best project managers, directors, organizers, negotiators and customer service agents are able to improvise; they can think on their feet, adapt to change and move forward through uncertainty.   But those skills often have to be learned. And there's no better way to learn them than by learning from the best: Aden Kirschner and Shana Merlin will help the people in your organization be and do their best!

The Training


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  • Learn to navigate difficult situations in this invigorating and interactive session.
  • Minimize conflict and simplify negotiation as we explore the tools of positivity and persuasion.
  • Strategize a plan for your next salary negotiation, vendor conflict, or any interpersonal challenge.

Persuasion Works is intended for anyone seeking to resolve conflicts faster and conduct negotiations more effectively.
  • Reduce stress and increase work environment positivity.
  • Remove obstacles standing between you and your goals.
  • Gain the tools to tackle difficult but necessary conversations.
  • Improve your partnerships in business and at home.
For more information, or to bring this powerful yet very affordable training program to your organization, contact The Art Of Change LLC.
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