Watch this 10 minute preview of Dr. K's keynote speech,
How To Bring Out The Best In People...Even At Their Worst,
Las Vegas, October 2010
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1. Wonderful speaker - great way to wrap up the conference!
2. Excellent speaker with great ability to involve and engage the audience.
3. Great speaker!
4. great speaker
5. Found it very beneficial and informative.
7. Enjoyable and lively.
8. great presentation
9. good partner communication
10. great motivational speaker
11. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!
13. A timely topic presented in a fun and non-threatening way! Very enjoyable way to deal with a difficult and uncomfortable subject.
14. I wish I could have a copy of his speech. It was extremely motivating.
15. This is one of the best sessions I have ever attended on communication with your peers.
16. The presenter was funny, yet down to earth and realistic about the issues and potential solutions that arise in everyday life.
17. Very engaging, enlightening and FUN session!
18. Fun way to end the conference!
19. Good information for resolving conflict in the workplace.
20. Very engaging and fun. Kept everybody alert. Fun slides!
21. He was a great speaker and very knowledgeable
22. This was a very engaging presentation that kept the audience laughing and interacting throughout. It was a great way to wind up the conference.
23. Loved his presentation and even looked for his book when I returned home.
24. entertaining and informative.
25. Excellent presentation.
26. Enjoyed the speaker.
27. This speaker was excellent and hit the nail on the head!
28. Great speaker. Very engaging. Great to have audience participation with partners. Learned about my own behaviors as well as peers/family.
29. excellent
30. Stabilize oneself and know what you want. Skills to deal with difficult people
31. Very entertaining speaker.
32. Engaging, entertaining and phenomenal lecturer.
33. great speaker with a new approach to dealing with people. great information.
34. Great speaker & enjoyable topic
35. Oh my! A great presentation for anyone to hear!
36. more time
37. Great speaker!
38. Fantastic. I could really see myself and get a better understanding of how to deal with people.
39. A fun session - great way to teach us to improve our listening and communication skills
40. Great closing session!
41. Fun session. Liked the ideas of mirroring the other person.
42. This was excellent!!!
43. He was awesome!!! Well Done!
44. Love this session
45. great speaker
46. Great review of communication styles and techniques that impact interactions
48. Excellent very entertaining
49. Great speaker
50. good session
51. This was a very uplifting and positive presentation. I enjoyed this.
52. Easy to hear, entertaining.
53. nicely done!
54. Entertaining speaker with a refreshing take on interpersonal relationships.
55. Great closing speaker - great choice of key note speakers overall!
56. THe speaker was engaging, and right on the money!
57. entertaining
58. fantastic energetic speaker who made us think and see our self and helped me to see how to blend and work better in the unit and home life....
59. Awesome speaker!!! Lots of good information to use.
60. Please put a speaker like this at the beginning of the last day - flights caused many to miss
61. Very, very dynamic speaker. Thoroughly enjoyed this presentation and the speaker! Gave me much insight into my own behavior even though it was a relatively short presentation.
62. gained skills for dealing with conflicts
63. very dynamic speaker
64. Fantastic and Fun. Great Speaker
65. Great presentation and wonderful way to send us out into the world.
66. The speaker was very entertaining and informative. I hope to use what I learned to become a better communicator.
67. very informative and hilarious session that has given me the way to develop skills to improve in listening and communications skills to turn the conflict into cooperation
68. Great speaker
69. AMAZING!!!!!!
70. Great speaker!
71. Great, motivational speaker
72. need a whole conference to cover this.
73. This was an excellent talk, it made me think a lot on what my behaviors are and how I respond/act to people
75. Good review and use of humor to promote learning.
76. Very good talk
77. Very needed information
78. Nice to have the awareness of this topic.
79. Dynamic and interactive speaker
80. good tips for dealing with various personalities
81. entertaining and motivating
82. wonderful
83. Excellent speaker, good reminder of how different people/personalities respond and affect us in different ways...plan to share with our unit...would love to have him as a speaker in the fu
84. Excellent presentation. Dr. Kirschner was able to bring out the best and the worst in a working environment. He is so right on when it comes to working in a close environment with many different personalities and cultural differences GREAT PRESENTATION!!!
85. great speaker.
86. Nice way to end the conference!
87. always relevant topic
88. Great speaker to complete conference!!
89. Would have liked this recorded to follow-up on tools
90. Dynamic speaker with great examples.
91. This session was timely for me because three of the people who drive me crazy were at the conference with me, and we had an exchange earlier that I learned how I could have handled better. And yes, I am pretty certain that I drive them as crazy as they drive me! :)
92. Great tidbits to take back.
93. role playing was a great experience
94. Excellent speaker-very engaging.
95. practical and excellent presentation
96. Very informative. Interesting ideas and concepts. Have many different personalities at work. 97. Fun to put some of this into practice.
98. Excellent! Very Entertaining and a good closure for the conference. Good information and knowledge that I can use.
99. good speaker, slide show somewhat flashy and distracting
100. Wonderful closing session! Extremely entertaining and informative. Learned a lot!
101. This concept is important to develop for best care practices for all patients in the hospital.
102. Great speaker!
103. Well done, good examples and practical.
104. really good presentation
105. very good
106. Wonderful speaker!
107. Excellent speaker that engaged the audience.
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