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Watch 4 segments from Dr. Kirschner's 30 minute presentation on 'The Click Factor,' delivered to the Institute for Management Studies Advanced Business Summit at the Disney Museum Theater, Presidio, San Francisco, June 2010.

In this presentation, Dr. K talks about how he developed his new speech and training program, as well as the material in his new book,

'How To Click With People:
The Secret To Better Relationships In Business And In Life'

From Hyperion Books, and now in your local bookstore. Please allow time for each video to load.

  • Click here for part 1, The Click Factor - What is the art of change?

  • Click here for part 2, The Click Factor - Principle of Resonance

  • Click here for part 3, The Click Factor - Understanding Motivation

  • Click here for part 4, The Click Factor - Persuasion Signals

People click with 'How To Click With People'
Keith Ferrazzi
"Clicking with others isn't just some warm and fuzzy notion. It's a teachable skill, one required to build the relationships that make success possible. In How to Click with People, Rick Kirschner offers hundreds of practical, thoughtful tactics that will allow you to start building a better network today, one relationship at a time."

- Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author of Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone
Daniel Burrus

"Wise people know that the future is all about people and Rick Kirschner's new book How To Click With People is a must read for anyone who wants to understand and utilize the transformative power of relationship both in business and in life. Read it today!"  

-Daniel Burrus, Author of The New York Times Best Seller, Flash Foresight
Rob Cross
"Anyone who intends to lead in this increasingly connected world must master the art of building and developing offline relationships. Dr. Rick Kirschner's engaging book, How To Click With People, provides the essential set of people skills to achieve this necessary result."
- Rob Cross, Ph.D, professor of management at the University of Virginia 
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"In today's crazy-busy business environment, building strong relationships with frazzled customers and co-workers is essential to your success. In How To Click With People, Kirschner shows you practical strategies to quickly "click" with even the most challenging individuals."

- Jill Konrath, Author, SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies
Mark Sanborn
"How to Click with People is a comprehensive explanation of how to connect personally with the people in your life. The enjoyable to read and easy to apply ideas will truly help you click. If you want to build better relationships, I recommend it."

-Mark Sanborn, bestselling author, past president, National Speakers Association
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"A funny thing happened as I read How To Click With People. While I have long known that there are certain people with whom I click, it seemed like a force of nature, just something that happened. I never considered that clicking with someone could be the result of actions on my part. Enter the book written by my friend and colleague, Rick Kirschner. Rick's book is full of practical lessons presented in an engaging manner. Well done Rick. I owe you one."

Stephen C. Lundin Ph.D., Bestselling author of FISH!
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“This compelling look at clicking with people and building the personal side of business will help readers build connections quickly, develop stronger partnerships and teams, and have a higher quality exchange of ideas and information. This book will find use in the hands of any serious business professional with the desire to be proactive in all of their relationships.” 

- Andrea Sittig-Rolf, author and creator of The Blitz Experience® 
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"You can learn how to Click with people who aren't like you." "Your skill in dealing with people will determine your success." Both of these truths are illustrated abundantly in How To Click With People by Dr. Rick Kirschner. It is VERY readable and filled with story after story of how a minor adjustment on your part can reap major rewards in dealing with the world's most challenging people and situations. So, if you are a negotiator, a sales person, a manager, coach or parent, you will love this book! 

-Jim Cathcart, author of Relationship Selling
Jon Peters
"We’ve all been there. You enter the room and you’re immediately drawn to someone, or perhaps repulsed. It’s an innate response, internal and subconscious. Dr. Kirschner’s latest book describes the mysterious ability to  connect with others, and how to discover it within yourself or create that ability if you don’t already have it. It’s a must read."

- Jon Peters, CEO AthenaOnline, President Institute for Management Studies.
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"How To Click With People is bursting with insight into what it takes to win with people. Absorb the wisdom, apply the plentiful strategies, and you'll undoubtedly see your relationships improve." 

-Dr. Travis Bradberry, bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0
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How To Click With People is a thoroughly enjoyable tour through the art and science of why and how we resonate with each other.  In this age of cascading connectivity and intimacy, a book such as this could not have arrived at a more auspicious time, and Dr. Rick Kirschner is perhaps the only person who could have written it.  Reading this book and following its teachings will refine your entrepreneurial skills,  improve your professional communications  and help you to become an attentive, more engaging friend.  Highly recommended.”

-Dr. Peter D’Adamo, bestselling author of Eat Right 4 Your Type
Vince Thompson
"Clicking.  It’s the most powerful catalyst to a relationship and yet for many of us a random occurrence. What would your life be like if you clicked with people 50% more of the time or 100% or even 500%? Who would you know? How would your career change?  With Dr. K's new book you'll learn how to authentically click with more people more of the time and do so in a way that is true and totally you!  Don't miss this chance to fine tune and level jump your life and career!"

 - Vince Thompson, Author "Ignited, Managers Light Up Your Company and Career for More Power, More Purpose and More Success".
Cary Gutbezahl, M.D.
“Kirschner presents a useful (and usable) model for understanding how to connect with people. Reading How To Click With People reaffirmed some of my own observations but provided me with many new ideas for reflection and practice. While his ideas seem so logical, these insights aren’t common sense. This book is a methodology for building bridges with people of all types.”

-Cary Gutbezahl, M.D., CEO of Compass Clinical Consulting
Keith Rosen
"As our world becomes more connected through social networking, the ability to create a deeper connection or, as Rick explains, click on a richer, more meaningful level is becoming a lost art. How to Click With People provides practical, worthwhile solutions so that you can make the impact you want in every conversation and interaction you have. Discover what the best communicators do so that you can create more satisfaction, fulfillment, and success in your life.”

Keith Rosen - The Executive Sales Coach™ and author of the internationally acclaimed, Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions
Cary Gutbezahl, M.D.
"In this over-communicated, million-mile-a-second communication world of email, SMS, iPhones, Facebook and Twitter, the personal side of business has been de-emphasized, demagnetized and depersonalized. Dr. Kirschner's book How to Click with People deftly paves a powerful path for personal and business success."

- Steve Kayser is an award winning business writer, whose work has appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine, Business 2.0, and Fast Company Magazine
Michael Norton
"Meaningful, relevant, powerfully easy for anyone to follow,apply, and most importantly CLICK! You nailed it Rick!"

- Michael Norton, Founder and Chairman, CanDoGo
Cary Gutbezahl, M.D.
"Brilliant, the wisdom shared in these pages speaks directly to the importance of the positive relationship that can and should be established between people, and how to do it in such a dynamic and ever changing technology and social media driven world"
- Denis Waitley, author of the all time bestselling audio program on self-mastery, “The Psychology of Winning” and one of the most listened to voices on personal and career success.
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