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She’s amazing (and not just because she’s Dr. Kirschner’s daughter!)
Aden is an award winning performer, skilled improvisation and communication teacher, facilitator and educator. She delivers affordable presentations that create a rich, engaging and memorable learning experience your people will love.

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Insiders Guide To The Art Of Persuasion
A comprehensive communication training program in 32 entertaining MP3 tracks. This program can help you use your influence to change your world. Download from CDBaby by clicking here.
Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: The Macmillan spoken word version of our international bestseller!
Dealing With People You Can
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Get this book and learn the mental and interpersonal secrets to connecting and creating successful and productive relationships at work and at home!
Life By Design

Use this insightful ebook to build a personal plan for bringing out the best in yourself. Develop a clear vision, know your values, set your goals, manage your priorities, end procrastination, and get on with the greater purpose for your life. Get it in our store today!
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People Skills
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Dealing with People You Can't Stand, by Dr. Rick Kirschner and Dr. Rick Brinkman, the 3rd revised edition, 2 million copies sold, at your favorite bookseller. If you’re fed up, frustrated, disappointed and out of options, the Drs. Rick can take the pain out of dealing with problem people. The help you’re looking for can be purchased here.

Don’t Panic!
Just look at the poster!

A delightful way to remind yourself how to make lemons out of lemonade with the problem people in your life. You can buy the poster here.

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Dr. K

We support you in making wise and healthy choices for the sake of your present and future life! Purchase your natural health products at great prices through our online wellness store!


Master The Art Of Change

This (keynote, half day, full day) presentation is fun, fast paced, and fundamentally important for anyone interested in better communication. It is an on-target conference program for any organization wanting to bring people together or get people to work better together.

Who can benefit?

Managers.Department heads, team leaders and project managers. Marketers. Entrepreneurs. Doctors. Nurses. Old timers. Newcomers. Wanting a better job, Needing a job. People wrestling with the pace of change. People wanting to make a difference.

Contact our office to bring
Dr. Rick Kirschner's
Master The Art Of Change
to your next event.

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from your favorite bookseller!
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ChangeThis manifesto
Clickability: A Skill For Life.

Video Sample: Why Clicking Matters


Dynamic and Motivational Keynote Presentations

“Dr. K is the most dynamic speaker I have ever seen."
"Everyone needs to hear what you have to say!”
"Exceptional and exhilarating, to say the least!"
“Hiring Aden was one of the best decisions we have made. If you have the chance, don’t hesitate!”
(These testimonials and more are on file and available on request)

Looking for just the right motivational speaker to make your next meeting or event a memorable success? Need interpersonal skills training to take your department, team or organization to the next level? Want coaching or a mentor who will help you through your challenges and guide you to greater success? Hoping to deliver lessons in civility to a dysfunctional team, council or board? Then look no further. Seriously. We have you covered.

With 3 and a half decades of experience developing and delivering world class keynotes, and a track record of delighted clients to prove it, The Art Of Change programs deliver entertaining, engaging and powerful keynotes that empower people to deal successfully with professional and personal challenges.

Rick and Aden

Read comments from a recent keynote.

You can count on us to make it a great day for your team, group or audience. Dr. Kirschner is a bestselling author and respected authority on change and communication, and he’s delighted audiences across the nation and around the world. And if you have a younger audience, or a more limited budget for your event, we offer an affordable version of this program, using the improvisational teaching techniques of team building expert Aden Kirschner. Contact us for more information!


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Dealing With People Book Cover
  • Looking for a program…that gets everyone laughing, and then they go back to work with better choices that they want to use?
  • Need to change people’s…attitudes and behavior, bring them together, and move them to action with each other?
  • Need to get some…appreciation and respect for putting a conference together and finding the right speaker?
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You’re not alone. Maybe that’s why this is our most requested program. Audiences love it!

Available as a keynote, half day or full day training program. Let Dr. K or his daughter Aden Kirschner take the pain out of dealing with problem people, in what we like to call:
How To Bring Out The Best In People (Even At Their Worst)

* Dr. K's coauthored bestseller, Dealing With People You Can't Stand, is now in its THIRD REVISED EDITION and 25 languages, and serves as the foundation of this life enhancing program,along with Dr. Kirschner’s 35 years of R&D into what works and what doesn’t, to bring out the best in people. Bulk purchases of the book for attendees is encouraged and rewarded with a significant discount on the purchase. Contact us for details.


Interpersonal Skills Training and Teleseminars

"The people standing in line at the end to give you a hug pretty much says it all.
Thanks for energizing the Dallas region with your great message."

Mike Godwin, IMS Chairman - Dallas/Ft. Worth


Great organizations have motivated people who work cooperatively to make and deliver valuable services and products. Most organizations don't come close to fulfilling their potential.Why not? What can be done?Use Kirschner's Motivational Model.


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The Art of Change programs and presentations provide practical solutions to these challenges, along with effective change models that help businesses to work more cooperatively, organizations to fulfill their missions, and individuals just like you to change their world for the better.

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You expect people to know the value of keeping their word and following through; of settling differences and treating each other with respect. Yet difficult behavior is a modern plague. Why? What can be done?Use the Lens of Understanding.

Lens Of Understanding

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Executive Coaching, Counseling and Consulting

"You stimulated my thinking, got me past my hang-ups, and helped me discover a place of confidence and competence in myself that I had never even dared dream of. My life has completely turned around." M. Lewis, Manager

Dr. Kirschner interacts with audience
Revisit your learnings!

All coaching sessions are recorded and provided to clients as mp3 files.

Why work with Rick? That's simple. He has a deep inventory of knowledge and experience. He delivers high quality interactive experiences that change lives and organizations for the better. He's successfully counseled councils, executives, managers in large companies and small business owners seeking to improve their lives, relationships and organizations.

Rick is practical in focus, lighthearted in style. He's smart, and fun to work with. He offers a palette of attitudes and behaviors that will change your life, your relationships and your business for the better.

Instead of going it alone, or toughing your way through the tough times, you can draw on his three decades of experience and knowledge to give yourself a real advantage.

Let Dr. K help you learn from your past and find your way forward. Click here to learn more about this valuable service. Or, Call or email our offices today to schedule your free consultation and to find out how coaching changes everything. Click here to read an interview with Dr. K about coaching.

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