Dr. Rick Kirschner, speaker, author, coach
Dr. Kirschner can help you to:

Reduce stress
Master your reactions
Bring out the best in problem people
End self defeating habits
Become more comfortable and confident
Restore a relationship
Clarify your purpose
Increase your motivation
Get to the issues behind certain ailments
Grow your influence
Improve your leadership skills
Develop a compelling presentation
In times of challenge and change, having someone on your side can make all the difference in what you're able to accomplish. So why a coach? Coaching, with the right coach, works better and faster to bring about change in your life than figuring everything out on your own. What do you want to change? Click here to get started. Or, click here for additional information.
  • Client Comments

    "Wow what a session. Loved it! I admired you before... now I am a great fan of yours. In one session you managed to solidify my concepts around people management, which have been vague for years. I found the session lucid, easygoing, but highly effective. Can't thank you enough!"

    - Nikhil Rodye

  • Client Comments

    "Choosing to work with Dr. Rick was one of the smartest decisions that I have made in my life. He is both gifted and wise, and he assisted me in being more effective in my work and relationships. He taught me how to integrate the loose ends inside of myself. He's the real thing."

    - Robert Hamburger

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Powerful tools.
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